My Thoughts

This play, from the arguing to the family bonding and compromising, was very small but held a lot of good and bad things. Many of the characters felt real to me, no one was perfect, and everybody wanted to gain something out of their situation. Mamma wanted the new house, Beneatha wanted the college education, Walter wanted the liquor store, Ruth wanted to rekindle her relationship with her husband, and Mr. Johnson wanted the family to stay out of his neighborhood. I really liked how there were no real completely angelic characters, because in many stories, the main characters is the best character, and the perfect role model. This style of one perfect character is kind of boring and uninteresting. It doesn’t really make you think about any part of the story and it makes the plot very dull

and linear. Another thing I loved about this play is how well the author portrayed real life situations and fighting. She immersed me into an argument, and did not let go until the scene was finished. One thing I did not like about the play was there was no clear aftermath of the plot. I was left wondering how the family ended up, if Beneatha stayed or left with Asagai, and how the neighbors treated them. I feel as though the author left the plot hanging off an edge, and if she just could have given me some closure, I would’ve been happier about the ending. ¬†This play has a lot of good features, but has some bad ones

too, and I just feel as though it could have been better. I would give this play an eight out of 10 because even though the character development and imperfection were great, the ending did not give me any closure to finish on. Overall, it was a good play to read, but I would not read it twice.